Creating an Authentic Brand

From Lullabies to Legacy: Crafting Your Unique Brand


Deep inside, you know your brand could stand out more if it genuinely reflected you.


You're a working mum, juggling the responsibilities of your business with the demands of home life. You're drained, constantly trying to find that balance, often asking yourself if there's a better way. You're tired of generic business strategies that don't align with who you truly are.


Does this sound like you?


  • Feeling lost in the sea of brands that look and sound the same.
  • Overwhelm from trying to implement every business strategy out there.
  • Never having enough time for yourself or your family

  • Second-guessing your decisions, wondering if your brand is truly 'you'.


  • Desiring to create a business that aligns with your values and passions.


What if things could be different? 


Genuinely you

A brand that truly resonates with your ideal clients because it's genuinely you.


Confident decisions

Backed by a business model that aligns with your essence.



Being the go-to brand

in your niche because of your authenticity.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

You're not alone in this journey, and the truth is, you've just stumbled upon the answer you've been seeking. This course is designed for working mums like you.


Our focus? To harness the power of authenticity in building a standout brand while making both your business and home life more effortless.


Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

Creating an Authentic Brand Course

Step-by-step strategies to unearth your brand's authentic voice. Actionable plans to align your brand with your true self.


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Here is what you will get when you join 


Master Class -How Branding Works

equipping you with the tools and strategies to craft a compelling brand identity and narrative



Master Class - Getting Creative Ideas 

delves into the processes and techniques behind sparking innovation, providing you with actionable insights to consistently generate fresh, impactful ideas.



Master Class - Branding Blueprint

a comprehensive roadmap to establishing a standout brand, guiding you through each pivotal step to cultivate an authentic and resonant brand identity


Master Class -Using AI to help with Branding Ideas 

for Images illuminates the intersection of cutting-edge AI technology and visual media, equipping you with the know-how to harness artificial intelligence for innovative business ideas and make the most of imagery in the digital age.



Master Class - Using Canva for design 

empowering you with the skills and confidence to craft visually captivating designs tailored to their unique needs.



Master Class - Outsourcing Design and Logo

guiding you on best practices for sourcing, communicating with, and maximising results from design professionals and agencies.

Templates and Workbooks Included:

Personal Development also included:

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If you're serious about crafting a brand that's true to you and want to reclaim time for what truly matters, this course is indispensable. No more blending in; it's time to stand out and shine.

Let's create a brand that's undeniably YOU.


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and to make sure you get the most out of this course

Free Check Sheet 

So you can make sure you have learnt and implemented all the techniques so you don't feel like you have missed anything and maximised its full potential for the investment made for the price of the course.


The Course takes 1 Hour to complete


and 4 hours to implement the strategies. (Approx)

But I know what you might be thinking...

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