Create a Heart led Business that runs on autopilot

Using online tools and systems, without complicated expensive technology.

with huge impact on the world!  

Dream, Create, Prosper  Programme will help you do that. 
With personalised coaching available so you don't get overwhelmed on your own, courses to learn how to quickly implement the system and leverage new technology AI to elevate your business into 2024. 

So you can go out for a coffee or have a massage on a random Tuesday guilt free that it's not impacting your business and income. 

  • Are you navigating the challenges of balancing work and personal life, feeling overwhelmed because both demand your full attention?
  • Do you find your to-do list ever-expanding, leaving you exhausted with hardly any time for self-care or relaxation?
  • Do you experience restless nights that affect your ability to focus and stay productive during the day?
  • Do you feel your mental energy being drained by constant multitasking, leading to decision fatigue and a dip in creativity?
  • Are you feeling a deep calling to make a meaningful impact in the world with your unique skills and compassionate nature?

If you are in any type of wellness business, we can help you! 

Have you tried ...

Doing everything yourself 

In an attempt to save on expenses, you might have tried to handle all aspects of the business yourself, from marketing to customer service to product development. However, this approach can lead to burnout, and it's often not sustainable in the long term.


The truth:

The lack of implementing online systems and delegation can hinder the business's growth and sustainability, as it limits the time and energy you can dedicate to family life and FUN! 

Used Generic Business Advice 

Generic business advice or one-size-fits-all strategies might not work well for mum-owned businesses, as they often don't take into account the unique challenges that you face.


The truth:

As a result, implementing such advice can lead to frustration and minimal progress and overwhelm and eventually giving up. 

Using other Business 'Gurus"

Who may talk the talk but have never actually walked the walk of a business to be able to show their strategies work in real time and often make techniques over complicated to learn and implement leading to more overwhelm and leave you feeling more stuck.


The truth: 

Theory works different to real life practise and implementation and often dont keep up to date with the latest online tools to elevate your business in todays world. 

I can help!


I know exactly what it takes to grow your business using the power of the internet and the Magic of AI Technology - even with sleepless nights and limited brainpower.
Let me be your ultimate secret weapon to scaling your business fast and with minimal effort! I've got all the insider tricks and fast tracks to help you avoid wasting precious time and energy.


Imagine being able to make money like you don't have a job and live like you own Estée Lauder.

IT'S POSSIBLE! and I'm here to show you how. So let's get started on your journey to success today - the fast and easy sustainable way!


It is possible...

  • To no longer trade time for money. its 2024 the hussle is dead its time to use our divine feminine to attract wealth not chase! 
  • To create something like a course or membership once and make it a passive automated income while you are busy. 
  • To feel like you are truly enjoying womanhood and being present in your life, not just trying to work on your business for the freedom way off in the future
  • To expand your established business either into the online space to make more money or use it to your advantage in your current in person business to get more customers. 

Hi I am Clare Marie,

I am the founder of Clare Marie Consultancy and The Baby Care Academy.

I have been in business 15 years
(Since I was 19!) and have a true passion for helping woman thrive in business and life. I have a Degree in Business Management and Leadership that has helped me grow and thrive in all my businesses. 

I have won multiple awards over the years, that I am truly blessed to receive, I have featured in many magazine publications and I have also been part of filming for a ITVbe programme on Salons and Spas.

I have recorded demo videos for a well-known skin company and one video has over 62k views to date!

One of my highest professional achievements has been listed in the “ Best in Britain” Publication for Business. 

But despite this, my greatest achievement in life has been becoming a Mum! Its been life changing and given me a reaI purpose.  I am not a robot I am a real person, so I truly understand your dreams and struggles.

So I know I can help you get visible and create a good impression and reach high with a purposeful sustainable business, and I can't wait to teach you!

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Our mission is to help you ...

  • Work less and earn more

  • Make money on auto pilot

  • Grow your business effortlessly

  • Simplify your business and home life

  • Stop the overwhelm and enjoy every day

  • Create wealth for the next generation

  • Create a huge impact on the world and create a better world with more love! 

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If you're a woman seeking a business that works when you don't by leveraging online tools and want to live a magical life without compromising time with loved ones, our exclusive Programme is designed just for you.


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But I know what you might be thinking...

Workshops included 

Unlock business success in just one week with our mini-online courses. Master a specific topic and implement it into your business today. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up!

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Ready to unlock the secrets of successful business growth? Our workshop gives you unlimited access to all our workshops so you can power up your business and achieve effortless success. 

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Work with me 

Working with me as your business consultant means tapping into a reservoir of expertise tailored specifically for busy woman in business, ensuring that your unique challenges are addressed and your entrepreneurial dreams are achieved with precision and passion

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Discover the 4 Secret Elements Busy woman Use to Thrive in Business! While working less and earning more.

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