Courses in the Programme

☁️ Dream ☁️ 💡

See the vision and discover what your true dream is.

Your big idea needs to be in your Dreams first. 

Mindset Mastery Workshop - primed for Success. 

This course is a deep dive into reshaping the way you perceive, react, and thrive in both your business and personal spheres.

Planning with Purpose Workshop - create a flexible plan for success. 

Transform the chaos of juggling business goals with family life into a harmonious success story – our course equips working moms with the tools to prioritise, plan, and align their business aspirations seamlessly with their personal lives.

Creating your Authentic Brand Workshop - Give the right impression. 

Step-by-step strategies to unearth your brand's authentic voice. Actionable plans to align your brand with your true self.

Understanding your Tribe Workshop - reach the right people. 

Understand your audience's needs, desires, and pain points.

Actionable Steps: Apply strategies immediately for quick results.


🎨🖌 Create 🖌🎨

 Create your amazing website, your online offerings, and create the online side of your business in a few easy steps.  

Video Victories Workshop - How to create good Videos

Envision a world where your videos effortlessly capture your audience's attention, driving your business forward with minimal effort. Picture a reality where your digital content not only enhances your earnings but also affords you more quality time with your family. Imagine yourself not just as a hard-working mom, but as a skilled digital storyteller, seamlessly blending life's responsibilities with the art of video creation, mastering the balance between personal fulfilment and professional success.

Magic of AI and Chat GPT Workshop - get content done fast! 

Get so much more work done, in zero time, with zero brain power, to powerfully grow your business effortlessly.

Website Wizardry Workshop - build your sales machine.  

This course offers a comprehensive guide to creating and optimizing your own website, empowering you with the skills, tools, and confidence needed to establish a successful online presence for your business.

Endless Earnings Workshop - Create a Course or Membership

Imagine a world where your business thrives with less effort, where earnings flow continuously, and where you have more time to spend with your loved ones. Envision a life where you are not just a hard-working mom but a savvy digital entrepreneur, effortlessly balancing life and profits.


💰✨ Prosper ✨💰


Get your first sales to the money you deserve, with free and paid Marketing strategies. 

Small Offers, Big Impact Workshop - for every day sales. 

Step-by-step guidance on ideation, creation, and promotion of your offers.

Templates and tools to expedite the process without compromising quality.

Strategies to tap into the psychology of your audience, ensuring better results.

Cost Free Conversions Workshop - get visible for free. 

Learn to use social media platforms to generate leads without any advertising costs and other areas to advertise for free. 

Automate and Delegate Workshop - How to hand over some of the workload.  

Proven automation techniques to streamline your business operations. Effective delegation skills: so you can trust others to handle all aspects of your business.

Conversion Pathways Workshop - attracting customers into your business. 

Unlock the secrets to maximising your digital marketing efforts with minimal stress. This course is a treasure trove of strategies and insights, designed to teach you how to build effective conversion funnels that turn prospects into loyal customers, and how to master the art of repurposing content, ensuring your message reaches its fullest potential across multiple platforms.

Effortlessly Elevate Your Business Mini Course!

Discover the 4 Secret Elements Busy Mums Use to Thrive in Business! While working less and earning more.

We know juggling family and business isn't just a balancing act—it's an art. What if we told you there's a way to streamline that masterpiece?


Dive into our exclusive Mini Course tailored just for go-getters like you. Unravel the 4 game-changing elements to skyrocket your business without adding hours to your already-packed day.


Because every mum deserves the chance to shine in both family and business, don't miss out on this golden opportunity to transform challenges into triumphs.


Secure your spot now and let your business flourish

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