Courses in the Programme

‚ėĀÔłŹ Dream ‚ėĀÔłŹ ūüí°

See the vision and discover what your true dream is.

Your big idea needs to be in your Dreams first. 

Mindset Mastery Workshop -

primed for Success. 

To help get you started on your online journey. 

This course is a deep dive into reshaping the way you perceive, react, and thrive in both your business and personal spheres.


01- Master Class - your super power is you!

In this captivating masterclass, we delve deep into the incredible source of power that has always resided within you - your authentic self. Discover the unique abilities, strengths, and untapped potential that make you truly extraordinary. This is the masterclass where you become the hero of your own story!


02 - Master Class - Condition yourself for success

Discover how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and replace them with a winning mindset that propels you toward unprecedented success in your business and life. Join us in this transformative journey, and become the architect of your own triumphs. Success isn't just a destination; it's a state of being, and this masterclass is your blueprint.


03 - Master Class - Mindset for working women.

Unlock the keys to balance, resilience, and empowerment in this transformative lesson designed exclusively for working women. Discover how nurturing the right mindset can supercharge your career and enrich your family life. It's time to rewrite the rules and thrive on both fronts!


04 - Master Class - Manifest and Sacrifice 

Learn the art of manifesting your dreams while embracing the power of strategic sacrifice. Uncover the secrets to purposeful decision-making and watch your aspirations come to life.


05 - Master Class-  Turning Your Magic into Money 

Discover how to transform your unique gifts and passions into a lucrative venture. Unleash your creative potential and learn the strategies to turn your magic into a thriving income stream.


06 - Master Class - Triggers and Blocks

Navigate the terrain of your triggers and dismantle the roadblocks standing between you and your goals. In this enlightening lesson, you'll gain the insights and tools needed to unlock your full potential and break through any barriers that hold you back


07 - Master Class - Balancing life skills

Explore the art of balancing your essential life skills. This lesson will equip you with the tools to gracefully juggle the demands of womanhood and personal growth, helping you find empowerment in the delicate dance of life


08 - Master Class- Top tips for balancing Home and Business

Discover the insider secrets for mastering the delicate art of nurturing your business while caring for your loved ones. Uncover practical strategies to ensure both your entrepreneurial dreams and your family life flourish side by side.


09 - Master Class - How to expand your mindset using AI

Join us in this cutting-edge lesson to explore how AI technology can amplify your mindset and help you break free from mental boundaries. Learn how to leverage AI as a tool for growth, expanding your horizons like never before.

Planning with Purpose Workshop - create a flexible plan for success. 

Use online tools to plan your business and strategy. 

Transform the chaos of juggling business goals with family life into a harmonious success story ‚Äď our course equips working moms with the tools to prioritise, plan, and align their business aspirations seamlessly with their personal lives.


01 - Master Class - The Big Business Plan Tour

The Big Business Plan Tour lesson provides an in-depth exploration into the art of business planning, teaching you how to create robust, actionable plans that lay the foundation for your business's sustainable growth and success.

02 - Master Class - Business Planner 2024 Tour

This master class is a tour of The Business Planner 2024. The lesson is a dual-focused journey, uniquely designed to both retrospectively analyse your past year's achievements and strategically plan for the year ahead, ensuring a comprehensive approach to continual growth and success in your business endeavours. 

03 - Master Class - Revisit the 4 step strategy often

This Master Class is about Revisit the 4-Step Strategy,  which is a crucial part of our course, emphasising the iterative process of refining and applying the four key steps to business efficiency: Automate, Delegate, Leverage AI, and Create Residual Income. This lesson guides you in regularly reassessing and optimising these strategies for sustained growth and success.

Creating your Authentic Brand Workshop - Give the right impression. 

Using online tools to create a stand out brand, and replicate it throughout your online presence. Step-by-step strategies to unearth your brand's authentic voice. Actionable plans to align your brand with your true self.


01 - Master Class -How Branding Works

Equipping you with the tools and strategies to craft a compelling brand identity and narrative

02 - Master Class - Getting Creative Ideas 

delves into the processes and techniques behind sparking innovation, providing you with actionable insights to consistently generate fresh, impactful ideas.

03 - Master Class - Branding Blueprint

a comprehensive roadmap to establishing a standout brand, guiding you through each pivotal step to cultivate an authentic and resonant brand identity

04 - Master Class -Using AI to help with Branding Ideas 

for Images illuminates the intersection of cutting-edge AI technology and visual media, equipping you with the know-how to harness artificial intelligence for innovative business ideas and make the most of imagery in the digital age.

05 - Master Class - Using Canva for design 

empowering you with the skills and confidence to craft visually captivating designs tailored to their unique needs.

06 - Master Class - Outsourcing Design and Logo

guiding you on best practices for sourcing, communicating with, and maximising results from design professionals and agencies.

Understanding your Tribe Workshop - reach the right people. 

The easy way with AI and online research methods.

Understand your audience's needs, desires, and pain points.

Actionable Steps: Apply strategies immediately for quick results.


01 - Master Class -Understanding your audience

Take a deep dive into the art of truly grasping who your listeners are, tailoring your message effectively, and creating a lasting impact.

02 - Master Class -Understanding Pain Points

we will guide you through the process of identifying, analysing, and addressing the core challenges and concerns of your target audience.

03 - Master Class - using AI find your audience/be your audience for feedback.

Dive into our Master Class on Using AI to Find Your Audience and Be Your Audience for Feedback, where we'll explore cutting-edge techniques to harness artificial intelligence in identifying your ideal audience and obtaining invaluable feedback directly from AI simulations.


ūüé®ūüĖĆ Create¬†ūüĖĆūüé®

Create your amazing website, your online offerings, and create the online side of your business in a few easy steps.  

Video Victories Workshop - How to create good Videos

To keep connected with your audience while implementing automations and edit with online systems. Envision a world where your videos effortlessly capture your audience's attention, driving your business forward with minimal effort. Picture a reality where your digital content not only enhances your earnings but also affords you more quality time with your family. Imagine yourself not just as a hard-working mom, but as a skilled digital storyteller, seamlessly blending life's responsibilities with the art of video creation, mastering the balance between personal fulfilment and professional success.


01 - Master Class -Why Video Works

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, video stands out as a powerful and essential tool for communication. It's not just about the visual appeal; videos have the unique ability to convey complex messages quickly and memorably.  This multi-sensory engagement leads to higher retention rates, making your message more likely to stick. 

02 - Master Class - How to set up a Video

Learn the essentials of video setup, from choosing the right equipment and location to setting the perfect lighting and sound, ensuring your video has a professional look and feel right from the start.

Magic of AI and Chat GPT Workshop - get content done fast! 

Get content, research, ideas done in zero time implementing this one type of online tool. Get so much more work done, in zero time, with zero brain power, to powerfully grow your business effortlessly.


01 - Master Class in Chat GPT

We teach you how to use chat GPT to create any content and special prompts and formulas to use to get the content to sound exactly like you, or better!

02 - Master Class in Branding Blueprint 

We share our secret Branding blueprint that guarantees all content sounds like you and targeted specifically at your target audience.

03 - Master Class in Midjourney  

Create breathing taking images, logos, backgrounds, any image creation you can think of with the use of Midjourney and AI.

04 - Using Prompts with AI

Prompts can help you get specific results that you want, and can make your work life so much easier and flow.

05 - Writing Prompts for Mid Journey 

Creating the right prompt for images on midjourney will help you produce beautiful breath taking images in zero time.

06 - Top Tips for using AI  

I will share with you all the secrets that I have learnt along the way to get you the real results you want. Helping to simplify this huge new technology that is constantly developing


Website Wizardry Workshop - build your sales machine.  

Learn the most effective online website platforms and how to create an amazing website online! This course offers a comprehensive guide to creating and optimizing your own website, empowering you with the skills, tools, and confidence needed to establish a successful online presence for your business.

01 - Master Class -What is a Website for

This master class is designed to demystify the process of creating a website, teaching you how to build an online platform that effectively showcases your business, engages your audience, and drives your entrepreneurial success.

02 - Master Class - How to put on your Home Page

This master class provides comprehensive guidance on crafting an engaging homepage, focusing on essential elements and content strategies that captivate visitors' attention and succinctly convey your business's value proposition.

03 - Master Class -Website expert Michele Pontvert

This master class delves into the art of optimizing your website for sales, teaching you how to enhance user experience, improve search engine visibility, and implement effective calls-to-action that collectively drive conversions and boost your business revenue.

04 - Master Class -What to put on your sales page

This master class offers detailed insights on creating a compelling sales page, emphasizing key components and persuasive techniques that effectively communicate your offer's benefits and motivate visitors to take action.

05 - Master Class -Using AI to create copy for you 

This master class explores the innovative use of AI in crafting compelling copy, guiding you through the process of leveraging artificial intelligence tools to generate engaging, effective content that resonates with your audience and enhances your marketing efforts.

06 - Master Class -Using AI to rewrite your sales copy

This master class focuses on harnessing AI to refine and enhance your sales copy, teaching you strategies to utilize artificial intelligence for revising and improving your messaging, ensuring it is more impactful, persuasive, and aligned with your audience's needs and interests.

Endless Earnings Workshop - Create a Course or Membership

Create an online Course or Membership to create a residual income using online platforms. Imagine a world where your business thrives with less effort, where earnings flow continuously, and where you have more time to spend with your loved ones. Envision a life where you are not just a hard-working mom but a savvy digital entrepreneur, effortlessly balancing life and profits.

01 - Master Class in why create Endless Earnings

Explore the benefits and potential of creating a sustainable, long-term income stream through digital entrepreneurship, and understand how this can transform your business and personal life.

02 - Master Class in how to Create a Course 

A step-by-step guide to developing engaging, informative online courses, covering everything from content creation to course structure, ensuring your course is both educational and marketable.

03 - Master Class in the tech for creating an Online Course

Dive into the technical aspects of online course creation, including the best tools and software for recording, editing, and hosting your courses, making tech an ally in your teaching journey.

04 - Master Class in how to Create a Membership

Learn the ins and outs of building a successful membership program, including strategies for member engagement, retention, and creating exclusive, high-value content that keeps members coming back.

05 - Master Class in using AI to create Course Content

Discover how artificial intelligence can be a game-changer in content creation, helping to generate ideas, organise course material, and even create content, making the process faster and more efficient.

06 - FAQs of Course Creation with AI 

Address common questions and concerns about using AI in course creation, from ethical considerations to practical tips on how to effectively integrate AI tools into your course development process.


ūüíį‚ú® Prosper¬†‚ú®ūüíį


Get your first sales to the money you deserve, with free and paid Marketing strategies. 

Small Offers, Big Impact Workshop - for every day sales. 

Create your day to day sales machine, with small offers to gift or sell to your customers online. Step-by-step guidance on ideation, creation, and promotion of your offers.

Templates and tools to expedite the process without compromising quality.

Strategies to tap into the psychology of your audience, ensuring better results.

01 - Master Class -Creating a Lead Magnet

Where you'll discover the secrets to crafting compelling incentives that will captivate and engage your potential customers.

02 - Master Class -How to Create a Lead Magnet

let us guide you step-by-step in designing irresistible offers that draw in and captivate your target audience.

03 - Master Class -Creating a Product Suite

Where we'll unveil the strategies and techniques to design a cohesive range of offerings that resonate with and delight your customers.

04 - Master Class -Creating an Ebook

Learn the ins and outs of crafting a compelling digital masterpiece that captivates readers and establishes your expertise.

05 - Master Class -How to create a small offer quickly with Chat GPT

Where we'll guide you through the process of leveraging this powerful AI to design enticing offers that resonate and convert in record time.

06 - Master Class -Asking AI to design your Product suite

Together, we'll explore the cutting-edge techniques of harnessing artificial intelligence to craft a dynamic and tailored range of offerings that cater to your audience's needs.


Cost Free Conversions Workshop - get visible for free. 

Generate more leads into your business and spread the word about your business utilising the online space. Learn to use social media platforms to generate leads without any advertising costs and other areas to advertise for free. 

01 - Master Class in Content Strategy for social media

You'll learn how to craft and execute a winning content strategy that resonates with your audience, drives engagement, and achieves your business goals.

02 - Master Class in Registering on Directories 

You'll discover the most effective techniques and best practices for optimizing your directory listings to enhance your online visibility and reach your target audience

03 - Master Class in How blogs help SEO

You'll uncover the strategic use of blogs to boost your website's search engine optimization, driving organic traffic, and improving your online presence

04 - Master Class in the basics of Facebook

You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of Facebook's core features, tools, and strategies to harness the power of this social media platform for personal or business success

05 - Master Class in the basics of Instagram 

You'll delve into the fundamentals of Instagram, from setting up your profile to creating engaging content, and learn how to effectively use this popular platform to connect with your audience and achieve your goals

Automate and Delegate Workshop - How to hand over some of the workload.  

Use online systems to find and out source or automate your workload. 

Proven automation techniques to streamline your business operations. Effective delegation skills: so you can trust others to handle all aspects of your business.


01 - Master Class -What You Can Automate

Discover the key strategies for streamlining your workflow by identifying tasks that can be efficiently managed by digital tools or entrusted to others, freeing you to focus on the core aspects of your business or project.

02 - Master Class - Automate examples/ What and How

learn through real-world scenarios the art of choosing the right tasks to automate and the step-by-step methods for implementing automation to enhance productivity and accuracy in your daily operations.

03 - Master Class - Delegate examples / What and How

gain insights on best practices for delegation with hands-on examples, empowering you to effectively assign tasks and responsibilities, ensuring you maximise team potential and focus on strategic goals.

Conversion Pathways Workshop - attracting customers into your business. 

Implement different ways to bring potential customers into your business using online strategies. Unlock the secrets to maximising your digital marketing efforts with minimal stress. This course is a treasure trove of strategies and insights, designed to teach you how to build effective conversion funnels that turn prospects into loyal customers, and how to master the art of repurposing content, ensuring your message reaches its fullest potential across multiple platforms.

01 - Master Class -What is a Funnel

This masterclass demystifies the concept of sales funnels, providing in-depth insights and practical strategies to effectively create and implement these powerful marketing tools in your business for optimised customer conversion.

02 - Master Class -Sales Page Funnel

This masterclass offers a comprehensive exploration of sales page funnels, teaching you how to craft and utilise these targeted, persuasive web pages to effectively guide visitors towards making a purchase, thereby enhancing your conversion rates and sales

03 - Master Class -Email Marketing Funnel 

This masterclass provides an in-depth look at crafting effective email marketing sequences, teaching you how to nurture leads and guide subscribers through a personalised journey, from initial engagement to final sale, using strategic, targeted email communications.

04 - Master Class -Email Marketing

This masterclass delves into the powerful world of email communications, offering expert strategies and techniques for creating engaging, impactful email campaigns that build strong relationships with your audience and drive successful business outcomes

05 - Master Class - Repurposing Content

This masterclass focuses on maximising your content's value and reach, teaching you innovative strategies to transform existing material into various formats, ensuring broader audience engagement and a more efficient, cost-effective content creation process.

06 - Master Class -Using AI to rewrite Copy

This masterclass delves into the advanced methods of employing artificial intelligence to refine and enhance existing content, offering insights into how AI can transform your copywriting process for greater clarity, creativity, and impact

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